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Card and Pendulum Readings - Ellene

Who is Ellene, this "New Age Naturopath"? I’m a barefoot, curly haired, sarcastic Scorpio, ocean loving, crazy dog mum and all round qualified hippie called Ellene, pronounced L – N – E. Now, say it a few times quickly. See, easy! You got it!

Cards are a wonderful way of gaining clarification around issues that you may be struggling with. Tarot and Oracle cards are another channel to assist the reader to convey the messages your guides are needing you to know. Neither tarot or oracles are better than the other, just different. If you are feeling lost or needing clarification on an area of life then a card reading may be the piece of information that helps you make that decision, give you that push or show you another perception to consider.

Sometimes you have to ask the question and wait for the answers, however be prepared that the answers may not be what you WANT to hear, but will always be what you NEED to hear. And I can promise you, the cards never lie.Typical questions people need help with are:

- Am I doing the right thing?- Is this the right partner for me?- Should I pursue this career? What questions are you needing answers to?

30 Minutes: $50.00
1 Hour: $80.00

Forget about the scarf wearing, beauty spot sporting, fortune telling gypsy in a dark caravan somewhere medieval. Pendulums and their uses have come a long way.
Pendulums are a spiritual tool that assist in a multitude of ways. Some of the most common requests we get here are to assist with:

- Clearing negative emotions- Dispels negative energies and entities. - Cut cords from non- beneficial relationships - Resolve emotional issues- Heal past life wounds. -Cleanse the Chakras- Release emotional blockages.

The best thing about a pendulum session is you could be right next to me, live next door or in a different country and still be able to receive all the healing benefits of it. A pendulum session is the perfect way of unravelling the mystery behind your emotional and physical issues.

30 Minutes: $50.00
1 Hour: $80.00