Intuitive Reiki Healing

Pricing and Booking

$90.00 for a 75-minute session.

PH: 0479 054 149.

From our customers


I have had several Reiki sessions with Rachel now. In a nutshell, they have been incredibly powerful, and
I love the way in which we both pick up the same messages and images whilst the healing is taking place.
It is a rare gift indeed.

Fulham, South Australia 5024

Other than not wanting the treatment to end, I found I had such a great clarity of mind that I was able to sort out some confusing thought patterns that had been troubling me. Rachel is my ‘go to’ person for
anything I can’t figure out for myself.

Christine B
Goolwa, South Australia, 5214

The greatest gift we can give ourselves and the planet is to raise our consciousness. Rachels gently guidance through the physical body enable sus to access the inner knowing we need to bring about dep healing. I felt safe and secure in Rachels calm environment.

Adelaide, South Australia