Mind Body Spirit Healing - Victoria Eva

Victoria is an Energy Healing practitioner, Integrative therapist and mentor.

She uses an integrated approach of Energy medicine to help clients uncover underlying blockages and subconscious limiting beliefs resulting in physical, mental or emotional imbalances and assists them in bringing on change, creating balance, health and wellness.

In an individually tailored integrative session Victoria will:
⦁ Offer a supportive, nurturing and safe space.
⦁ Listen to your concerns and assist you in identifying changes you want to bring in to your life.
⦁ Help you to uncover and examine subconscious limiting beliefs stopping you from moving on.
⦁ Guide you through the process of setting your heart’s true intention.
⦁ Take you through meditative processes to relax and connect deeply with your inner Self.
⦁ Assist you in releasing what you no longer need.
⦁ Guide you through the process of activating new found beliefs supporting you to live a life of your true purpose, authenticity and empowerment..

The tools used in a healing session:
⦁ Guided imagery/ meditative processes, Counselling, Vibrational Medicine including Sound, Essential Oils, Crystals, TCM approach (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Acupressure/ Meridian Therapy, Kinesiology, Reiki/ Healing Touch

Other healing sessions to choose from:
Crystal Therapy
Sound Therapy
Chakra Alignment
Holistic Counselling
Inner Child Healing
Soul Retrival
Reiki Teatment
Theta Healing
LifeLine Technique Session
Meridian therapy and Acupressure
Relax and Recharge Session

1 hour session $ 60.00
1 and half hour $ 75.00


Dip Mind Body Medicine (Traditional Chinese Medicine approach)
Dip Kinesiology
Dip Counselling
Adv Dip Crystal Therapy
Cert Meridian Therapy
Cert Reiki
Dip Mental Health
Cert Theta Healing
Reconnective Healing
Quantum Touch
Cert LifeLine Technique (Dr Darren Weissman)
Cert Training and Education

Please contact Victoria for bookings and queries ph 0404 789 511