Includes a discussion of your aromatherapy needs and options plus a mini aromatherapy oil.

Cost: $30 (cash only)

All aromatherapy products recommended will be designed and formulated at your appointment for you to take home on the day, with your aroma preference and personal profile included. 

Booking details: 

Call Deb on 0493 401 742 for bookings for availability on Saturdays, Sundays, and weekdays via arrangement. 

I would love to meet and welcome you to the delightful benefits of Aromatherapy; I hope to see you soon at Carpe Diem with Remi. 

Includes an in-depth discussion of your needs and options regarding aromatherapy products and use, that may be beneficial for you. 

A mini Aura health check to gain insight and understanding of your aura. 

A complementary aromatherapy oil

Deb also works with channelling the Angels, Ancestors and Guides by using your jewellery and can offer some insight to you during your consultation if required.  On request questions of concern can be addressed via channelling.  

Cost: $60 (cash only)

Booking details: 

Call Deb on 0493 401 742 for bookings for availability on Saturdays, Sundays, and weekdays via arrangement. 

A Little About Me

I am a born Hereditary Witch with Irish Celtic ancestry. A family proud and strong in our long line of Spiritualist, Psychics, Mediums, Healers, Channelling, Tarot and Tea leaf readers. This has been the way of my family for as long as the oldest of my elders can remember. I always work with respect and honour my hereditary gifts, never taking them for granted. 

During a divining reading, I was questioning my purpose and future and was strongly guided to Aromatherapy. Apart from knowing that Aromatherapy smelt great, I had no previous knowledge or expectations. Aromatherapy chose me and I have loved every minute learning and exploring the scientific and holistic aspects involved. The designing and formulating of products bring me deep satisfaction knowing the therapeutic benefits are surprising to many who have never used aromatherapy products as an alternative or complementary choice to pharmaceutical products. 

The results and benefits I have personally seen from aromatherapy used as a therapeutic treatment are amazing. Family, friends, and clients are overwhelmed with how well my products work, bringing relief, and assisting in a more overall feeling of wellbeing. 

Note: I always encourage aromatherapy to be used as a complementary aid to your current medical advice given by a GP or other treating professionals. 

Product Details

Reordering of products via email or mobile: 0493 401 742. Orders can be collected from Carpe Diem.
Post is available by request.

A full range of products is available on my product list.  Many more products can be designed and personalised during a consultation.
Prices start from $10.00.

My personal goal is to introduce and encourage the regular use of affordable aromatherapy products so that you can have the opportunity to experience the benefits at an ongoing reasonable cost

Sleep Oil - Spray
Insomnia Oil
Kids Sleepy Spray
Kids Nightmares Spray

Sinus Ease Oil
Headache Relief Oil
Migraine General Oil
Migraine Allergy Oil
Cold Sore Cream

Om Calm Anxeity Oil - Spray
Depression Oil - Spray
Stress Oil - Spray
Study Research Oil - Spray
Grief Oil - Spray

Skin Nourish Oil
Skin Nourish Cream
Dry Hand Oil - Cream
Nit Preventer Spray
Hormonal Hair Loss Oil - Spray
Dandruff Shampoo Oil
Dandruff Preventer Spray

Menopause Oil
PMS Emotional Oil - Spray
PMS Massage Oil
Aphrodisiac Oil - Spray

Mask Fresh (Floral - citrus - woods)
Immunity Stimulation Spray

Germ Anti-viral Spray (Floral - citrus - woods)
Bug bites and Repellent
Whiffy Cat Loo Spray

From our customers


My 10-year-old son has always struggled to settle to sleep, and we were at the point of needing to use sedatives. Thank goodness. Deb was referred by a friend and an aromatherapy bedtime sleepy spritz has made all the difference to my son's sleeping habits. He now can settle and sleep a decent sleep, avoiding sedatives, and his teachers have seen an improved concentration and behaviour at school from a good night’s sleep. 

Ash A
Adelaide, South Australia

I have been using a range of Deb's oils and sprays for a few months now for a
chronic illness. I love her depth of knowledge and am impressed by her meticulous way of researching exactly what works best for my body. I have had great results with the Sleep oil, Menopause, and Immunity sprays. 

Mel W
Adelaide, South Australia