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Had some ‘Guided Intuitive Reading and Reiki Healing’ sessions with Sue Shaw - what a superb experience ! Sue is wonderful- would definitely recommend the combined session with Sue if feeling a little guidance and healing is required in one’s life both in mind and body! Don’t hesitate! Thankyou Sue. I will see you again soon. With gratitude X

Sonia H

I am beyond grateful for the shift place since my reading either Sue. It has given me clarity in how to move forward and was so affirming 🙏. It was more than a counselling session; it was a confirmation session 🙏. I am starting this new week with my vibration level high and will be taking time out to ensure I keep it there. Thank you!

Sue what do you offer that I can avail myself of to help me stay in this flow and grow. I am beyond grateful!

Linda N

My most favourite store in town. Meeting you was a blessing Sue Shaw! I am forever grateful for you. A beautiful and genuine soul whose light shines through for all. Thank you for my spiritual awakening and heartfelt experiences in the Meditation and Angel Answers monthly sessions, Awaken your Intuition Workshop and Angel reading.

My experiences with you have been amazing and life changing. Thank you! Highly recommended! XX

Bernadette B
Guided Intuitive Reading

$80 for a 1 Hour Session

A unique and channelled ‘soul to soul’ reading connecting with your angels and guides to bring clarity, answers from within and soul guidance to help you get back on purpose.

Reiki Energy Healing

$95 for a 1 Hour Session

A non-intrusive energy healing to help clear blocks and old limiting beliefs and fears that no longer serve you. This nurturing healing energy gently sweeps away negativity and fills you up with divine light, healing and vibrant abundance.

Power Reiki

$45 for a 30-Minute Session

Short and sweet - great for a lunchtime boost of energy if time is of essence and you're in need of a quick fix, or to clear confusion, tension and stress. 

Combined Reading & Reiki

$150 for a 1.5 Hour Session

Experience a guided intuitive reading first to hear your soul's guidance, followed by a relaxing and healing reiki energy healing and chakra balancing. Drift into a deep state of peace and bliss as all your worries melt away.

Reiki Hypno

$100 for a 1 Hour Session

A unique combination of reiki energy healing whilst subtly activating the power of the brain to change the old story for a more positive one through a deep meditative state.

Magic Touch Combo Treatment

$130 for a 1 Hour Session

This is a unique healing that combines a number of modalities into the one session, providing a totally wholistic and intuitively guided treat for the senses. It may include crystal healing, chakra balancing, energy sweeping, access points, hypnotherapy, meditation, reiki, gentle trigger point releases, body alignment, and pure essential oils.

Access Bars session

$95 for a 1 Hour Session

Access Bars are 32 points on the head that, when touched gently, effortlessly and easily release old energies stuck in the brain and change many aspects of your body and life, including sleep, health, weight, money, relationships, anxiety and stress.

AromaTouch Therapy

$95 for a 1 Hour Session

A delightful experience using pure essential oils on the back and soles of the feet to boost immune response, assist inflammation and bring your body back into balance.

Face Reading

$90 for a 1 Hour Session

The face is the autobiography of life and your whole body shows up in your face. In this fascinating and unique session, you will be fully seen for the very first time for who you authentically are, and how you may have expressed or suppressed your thoughts, feelings and emotions throughout your life experiences.

Emotional Release Trigger Point Therapy

$150 for a 2-3 Hour Session

This full bodywork session helps to resolve internal conflict, improve the energy flow, and assist in eliminating any discomfort created by mental, emotional or physical experiences of the past. 


A Simple Daily Attunement to Start Your Day with Sue Shaw


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Reiki Master | Psychosomatic Therapist | Hypnotherapist | Access Bars Facilitator | Intuitive | Meditation Facilitator | Past Life Regression Therapist | Appointments available at Carpe Diem's upstairs Haven, Tuesday-Friday, 10am-5pm

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