Gift vouchers available for Intuitive Reiki healings and all Usui Reiki training levels. Contact Rachel for further information on 0479 054 149.

Additional trainings in all Usui Reiki levels are available outside of currently listed dates. Please contact Rachel directly to organise a convenient time via details below.

With Reiki Master Rachel

Traditional Usui Reiki Two Training Workshop

Some of the healing benefits of Reiki include:

• Reducing stress, anxiety and depression

• Improved digestion

• Restful sleep 

•Managing chronic pain 

•Supporting recovery from physical and emotional trauma

•The body’s natural healing and regenerative processes

• Increased wellbeing  

Reiki Two is the second level of attunement to the Reiki healing energy system and intensifies your connection to universal life force energy.

Reiki Two focuses on healing your mental and emotional energy bodies, allowing you to harmoniously receive access to a higher vibration level of life force energy. As a result, your awareness sharpens, and your mental and emotional condition is enhanced. The attunement at this level will also help surface any imbalances you may be carrying. This is necessary for self-healing and allows you to become a clearer channel for universal life force energy to work within you.

*You will need to have been previously attuned to Reiki One to enrol in this training. Evidence of Reiki One certification is required prior to undertaking this course. Please reach out if you have any questions about this.

A few of the healing benefits of Reiki Two include:

Deeper connection to Life Force EnergyTransmitting Reiki healing across time and distance to a recipientActivation of the first three symbols enabling a greater clearing of energetic blockages

Join us for an interactive day as we dive into learning about energy fields, exploring the history, technique and power behind the first three symbols, and expand your sensitivity and confidence with opportunities to practice on the day. A major focus of Reiki Two is understanding and learning the ability to heal a recipient via distance. By the end of the workshop, you will be attuned to the second level of Reiki and be well on your deep and profound personal journey in expanding your healing skills, spiritual and psychic development and connection to universal life force energy.

The Day Will Include:

The day will include:

Introduction to energy fields and auras

Guided meditations

Learn the meanings and uses of the three sacred symbols for Reiki Two

Distance Reiki healing techniques

Correct hand position techniques for working with clients/others

Attunement to Reiki Two

Post attunement self-care and support

Professional and ethical aspects of practice


Certificate of attainment

Tea, coffee and healthy snacks provided

What to bring:

Pen and notepad

Drink bottle

We are within walking distance to several local cafes and also have a functional kitchen available should you wish to bring your lunch.

An open heart!

Those who have been attuned to Reiki Two previously and are looking for a refresher training are more than welcome to join us. Reiki Two is a precursor to Reiki Masters level.

Please refer to Carpe Diem’s website for details regarding future training dates for Reiki One, Reiki Two and Reiki Masters.