Sound Immersion Healing Meditation with Victoria | Carpe Diem with Remi

Crystal Bowls Sound Immersion Healing Meditation with Victoria at Carpe Diem   

You are welcome to take a journey...
Enter in to Sacred sound

Relax and float to the healing sounds of Crystal singing bowls…
Immerse yourself and bathe in the crystalline frequencies...
Take time to connect to your Inner Self, to nourish, replenish, re-energise and move forward in healing and evolvement of Body and Soul...
In relaxed state we create conditions for healing to take place.
The Crystal sound immersion is deeply cellular transformational experience...
The high vibrational resonance of the Crystal singing bowls helps you to drop in to meditative state naturally allowing to clear your mind and bring on harmony and alignment within Mind, Body and Spirit...
There are many benefits of Sound therapy from strengthening the immune system, increasing energy levels, re-balancing the Chakra system, releasing emotional, mental and physical blockages, lowering anxiety and stress levels, helping with sleep issues and well being in general…
Seats, mats, blankets will be available, just bring water.
Enter through the back gate (Marryatt street) and walk up the stairs.
This event is held on the first floor and there is no lift to use, sorry if inconvenient.
Look forward to see you there.
Sessions will take place on: 

Saturday 9th March 5pm-6.15pm

Sunday 10th March 11am-12.15pm or 1.30pm-2.45pm

Saturday 13th April 5pm-6.15pm

Sunday 14th April 11am-12.15pm or 1.30pm-2.45pm

Please arrive early (5 to 10 min) to ensure we start on time. Door will close at 5 pm on the Saturday and 11 am on the Sunday.

Bookings are essential, places are limited up to 15 participants. Please call or text Victoria at 0404 789 511 to book.

Investment: $15.00 at the door

Cash payment is preferred, please contact me for details if you like to use bank transfer.