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Pendant Citrine Rectangle 3.5 cm
Pendant Citrine AAA Quality Teardrop XL 4.7 cm
Pendant Citrine Teardrop 3.8 cm
Herb Cat's Whiskers 20g
Pendant Smokey Quartz Faceted Triangle 3.7 cm
Pendant Labradorite Blue 6.4 cm
Pendant Labradorite Blue Teardrop 4.6 cm
Pendant Labradorite Blue Oval 5.4 cm
Pendant Rainbow Moonstone Rectangle 4.6 cm
Pendant Rainbow Moonstone Eye 5.8 cm
Car Protection Kit
Car Protection Kit, created by the good fairies at Carpe Diem. Each kit has an explanation of the crystals used. Keep your kit in your console or glove box.
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Created with love and high intention
Chakra Kit by Remi & Emma
A Chakra Kit, created with hand-chosen crystals. An information sheet and organza pouch are included.
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